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Sports Therapy and Medicine can Improve Athletic Performance

Interesting Fact:  Hippocrates and Galen, two of the most famous doctors of the classical world,  advocated massage and manual therapy techniques as early as 460 BC.

Interesting Fact:  Physical therapists began moving beyond hospital practice to outpatient clinics in the 1950s when the distribution of polio vaccine freed up much of their time previously spent treating polio victims.

What is physical therapy?

Physical therapy is part of the health care profession that mainly focuses on the improvement of disabilities or impairments.  The primary focus of our therapists in Heber, Kamas, and Morgan, is to improve mobility, limit pain, and help overall quality of life which can be highly valuable for athletes and sports medicine professionals.

What do physical therapists do?

The most common thing people associate with Utah physical therapists is working on recovery from either an injury or accident.  They are trained health care professionals that have extensive training.  They can specialize in a wide variety of different areas such as sports medicine, injury, pediatric, or neurological.  Since each patient’s case is different, the treatment also varies greatly.  Physical therapists will perform different tests to diagnose each issue and then work together with the patient to set up a program for recovery.  Sports medicine programs will generally set goals, reach those goals, and follow through once an issue is gone to insure it doesn't return.

How can sports therapy help improve mobility?

The answer to this will vary greatly based on the issue causing the loss of mobility.  What is done to help someone recover from a severe knee injury will be completely different than someone suffering from a disease that limits mobility to the entire body.  Generally speaking, sports therapy and medicine will use a combination of stretches, exercises, and medical treatments to improve mobility in the problem areas.

Is physical therapy the same as chiropractic?

Manual therapy and chiropractic both have the goal of treating injury or pain.  However, they differ in their philosophies and methods to achieve results.  Chiropractors use spinal manipulation, commonly referred to as “adjustments.”  Many times the adjustments need to be continued indefinitely to retain any results, and chiropractic has limited applications – it can be effective for relieving low back pain, but chiropractors often make broader claims than they can substantiate.  Physical therapy and sports medicine will primarily use exercise, stretches and massage to achieve results.  Its goal is to help the patient become more empowered once the desired results have been met. 

Can physical therapy help chronic back pain?

Chronic back pain has many causes, but it can often be helped by sports therapy.  Most treatments for lower back pain features two components.  Passive procedures are those that are performed on the patient such as ultrasound or heat and ice combinations.  They combine this with active methods, which uses activities such as exercise.  These methods consistently produce solid results, limiting lower back pain as well as helping the rest of the body feel better at the same time.

Will physical therapy help sciatica?

Sciatica can be mitigated or even eliminated altogether with physical therapy.  By using treatments specifically designed for sciatica, it's possible to greatly reduce the symptoms. In many cases, sciatica can even be completely eliminated with physical therapy & sports medicine. Call and talk to one of our therapists in Heber, Morgan and Kamas to learn more.