Kinetic Taping

Any sports fanatic will tell you that kinetic tape is among the best things ever invented for an active lifestyle.

Although the tape itself has some great properties, it does little good for an injury in the hands of someone without proper training. The staff at our therapy clinics has the latest training on how to apply kinetic tape for various types of injuries.

How hard could it be?  What problems arise from improper taping?

There are many issues that can come about from improper use of kinetic tape.  Some of the more common issues are:  cutting off circulation, leaving a joint too loose, binding a joint too tight, and wrapping more surface area than needed.


Although these issues may seem minor, when they are combined with rigorous activities, the consequences can lead to far worse injuries.

This is why we recommend that you trust our capable technicians to handle your kinetic tape treatments.  We know how to apply the proper amount of tape in a way that will provide you with a natural range of motion, and not restrict your blood flow.



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